Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Process of Screenwriting

Article from The New Straits Times
Friday, Oct 31st 2008

A good story is where a sympathetic hero comes up against incredible barriers and manages to overcome them. In the design of the story we create a universe with its own rules, limits and values.

The concept of story will be examined in the different forms of structure and the principles as established by Aristotle in The Poetics.

The principles of specificity is that the story teller is the originator of the story and his prejudices and his consciousness has great influence on the story. The world the story teller imagines is apart of the writer’s style of screen writing.

The story design is transcribed into a screenplay and the screenplay is open to interpretation. The meaning and purpose of the story is examined and how the same story can be told in different ways.

Ike Ong said the basic requirements for script evaluation is firstly the Synopsis.

Secondly, Detailed Character Biographies to help the readers visualize the sophistication of the plot.

Thirdly, a Detailed Treatment of the final script is required.

Fourthly, a Step Outline of the screenplay is the manageable reading material to make the producer buy the screenplay. Ong added: “The development procedure in Screenwriting we have adopted is one where the Story Design is established to express the meaning of the story of the film.

“This is then transcribed to the Step Outline which is a group of scenes which expresses the action of the drama.”

“Students will practice deconstruction to Step Outlines on ready made films and familiarize themselves with the motions of thinking in cinematic terms step by step,” said Ong.

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